“Some people don’t pray because they try it and it does not work. They forget that prayer is done best in the company of others, in a holy place, in song, the language of the soul as it reaches out toward the unsayable. The most life-transforming prayers are choral not solo.”—Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain.
We strive to...
celebrate the act of prayer with music of excellence
sing beautifully and mindfully, sometimes softly
with harmony to enhance our connection with the Divine.
To treasure beauty and value creativity and artistry
create a sense of awe, and seek to take ourselves to a transcendent place.
To wrestle with the text and interpret the words
appreciate the moment and not rush to be done
bring gravitas as well as joy to the experience of prayer.
To listen to our tefillah and not to idle conversation
rise above the mundane, above the rut of mindless repetition
create a community of religious expression through harmony
deepen our involvement through musical interpretation,
intentionality, concentration, freedom, kavvanah.